Day1 Program (Tuesday, 16 JUNE) Day2 Program (Wednesday, 17 JUNE)

Session 1: Crystallization 10:30-13:00

Chair: Joachim Ulrich (Martin-Luther-Universitaet),

Yoshiyuki Shirakawa (Doshisya Univ.)

Session 3: Nano- Bio Technology and microreactor 10:30-13:00

Chair: Sanjay Mathur (University of Cologne)

Minoru Miyahara (Kyoto University)


Opening remark

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Joachim Ulrich


Synthesis and Characterization of Monodisperse Nickel Nanoparticles using a Microreactor

Prof. Dr. Minoru Miyahara

Kyoto University


Advanced Operation Design for Anti-Solvent Crystallization Based on Solution Composition Trajectory

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Takiyama

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Chemical and Process-Design Intensification and Use for Micro-Flow Particle Synthesis

Prof. Dr. Volker Hessel

Eindhoven University of Technology


Crystal Shape - Evolution and Characterization

Prof. Dr. Heiko Briesen

TU Muenchen

Morphology Control of Lithium Ion Battery Electrode with Nano Materials by using Continuous Kneading Process

Dr. Takehisa Fukui

KURIMOTO, Ltd., Osaka, Japan


Mechanism of Mutual Incorporation of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Isomorphic Amino Acids in Batch Crystallization.

Dr. Toshimichi Kamei

Ajinomoto Co. Ltd.

Chemical Nanotechnologies: From Molecules to Functional Nanostructures for Energy and Health Applications

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mathur

University of Cologne


Crystallization Behavior at Liquid-liquid Interface under an Electric Field

Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki Shirakawa

Doshishya Univ.

Nano and Fine Particles Surface Design for Aggregation and Dispersion Behavior Control in Liquid to Apply Functional Material

Prof. Dr. Hidehiro Kamiya

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


Poster session

Poster session

Session 2 :Powder Technology 15:00-17:00

Chair :Stefan Heinrich (Hamburg University of Technology)

Jun Oshitani (Okayama Univ.)

Session 4 pharmaceutical technology 15:00-17:40

Chair: Hirofumi Takeuchi (Gifu Pharmaceutical University)


Dry Separation using a Gas-solid Fluidized Bed for Waste Treatment and Mineral Processing

Associate Prof. Dr. Jun Oshitani

Okayama Univ.

Coupling Biorelevant Dissolution with Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling to Predict in vivo Drug Performance After Oral Administration

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Dressman

Goethe University


Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Particle Technology

Prof. Dr. Urs Peuker

Technical university of Freiberg

Cocrystal Formation and Thermal Behaviors Based on Binary Phase Diagrams

Prof. Dr. Katsuhide Terada

Toho University


DEM-CFD Simulation of Particle-Drying in Fluidized Bed

Associate Prof. Dr. Takuya Tsuji

Osaka Univ.

Novel Pharmaceutical Cocrystal Consisting of Paracetamol and Trimethylglycine, a New Promising Cocrystal Former

Prof. Dr. Toshiro Fukami

Meiji Pharmaceutical University


Science Based Evaluation of Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation Processes

Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinrich

Hamburg University of Technology

Nanomedicine for Non-invasive Drug Delivery Across Epithelial Barriers – Intestines, Skin and Lung

Dr. LORETZ Brigitta

Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland


Japanese Reception

Development of Polymeric Nanoparticle Carrier for Drug Delivery System and Design as Solid Dosage Forms

Prof. Dr. Hiromitsu Yamamoto

Aichi Gakuin University


Closing remarks

Prof. Hirofumi Takeuchi

Gifu Pharmaceutical University

The schedule is subject to change without notice.